Poolfloathk revamped – more than just pool floats!

People relaxing on pool floats in summer. Poolfloathk

Poolfloathk have fully revamped our website along with the scope of business to provide more product varieties that go beyond just pool floats. Check us out!

To give us a little bit of history. Poolfloat.hk was started back in 2017, primarily focused on selling pool floats to go along with our main business, which is a yacht rental platform called Holimood. Ever since, it has always been a side project for a team of us at Holimood.

poolfloathk older website
old Poolfloathk website

Recently, we have talked about the future of Poolfloathk and how far would we want to see this go. There’s two options , its either we set aside this project or we put in more effort and resources to reach the full potential. After much considerations and discussions, we decided on the latter.

In order to do so, we looked at where we were as a team and where we want to be. We were an e-commerce platform that only focus on selling pool floats to guests that rent boats from us. We were too limited in terms of our reach to potential customers. Instead of being an e-commerce platform, we want to become a brand that is not only contained to selling floaties but also other lifestyle products. Eventually, we would like to see poolfloathk as a summer lifestyle brand. In order to get there, there are a lot of works to do!

new poolfloathk website
new Poolfloathk website

Why summer?

We want to start with what we do best. Being in the yacht chartering industry in the past few years, we are very familiar with the summer season in Hong Kong. People want to go out and have fun during this season, from summer boat parties, to regular beach activities, we see how much energy and fun in this season. Therefore, we are looking at the opportunity to enhance people’s summer experience.

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