What’s new with Poolfloathk?

Poolfloathk new logo

What has changed since we decided to revamp poolfloathk?

Poolfloathk has decided to give a major upgrade to our brand. With a few weeks of discussing, strategizing, designing, planning; we are please to introduce to you a new brand image. Below we will talk about how we:

  1. Redesign our logo
  2. Reposition our product
  3. Renew our website

1. Redesign Poolfloathk Logo

We went from the black logo to the colorful logo.

Why? As we think of the direction we want to head towards, we want to become a summer lifestyle brand. And a black background and a white font seems to be a little bit….. too bland. We want to be known as a vibrant brand that brings energy to our customers. Setting a new tone to our logo will be pivotal for our brand image.

2. Reposition Our Products

swimwear with rainbow pool float
pool floats

We used to be focus only on selling floaties/pool floats on our website. While that in itself serves a handful of customers, we feel like we have not yet reach our full potential by doing so. Therefore, we have since expanded our product varieties. We have introduced a few more categories other than floaties such as sunglasses, beach accessories, and Kids Toys & Games. In each of these categories, we have introduced significant amount of products that will give our guests enough varieties to choose from.

3. Renew Poolfloathk Website

In order to meet our market need, we need a more attractive and user friendly website. With that, our team worked together to come up with new designs and features for our website. We try to make sure that we keep our website user friendly yet highly functional. Take a look.

Our new webpage

Above are the main 3 changes that we have done to upgrade our brand and website. We are looking forward to provide more products and build a vibrant brand together with our customers.

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